What Is the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital?

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is an 8-module online course that helps you gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work.

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Why Do You Need to Take This Course?

If you’ve been thinking about, talking about and meditating on your big business vision and life dream but you’ve been holding back or playing small, Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is for you.

For the past decade, I’ve worked as an international speaker, New York Times best-selling author and spiritual teacher. And in this transformational event I’ve helped thousands of people step into their power, own their purpose and start doing what they’d been dreaming of.

Now it’s your turn.

During SJM Digital I’ll show you how to…

  • Release the blocks that hold you back from stepping into your greatness
  • Turn your passion into your paycheck by following my proven, practical and spiritually aligned system for getting your work in front of the people who need and want it most
  • Use your gifts to serve others in big and meaningful ways
  • Become unapologetic about the great work you’re here to do — and EARN for it
  • Create books, products and programs that your audience can’t wait to buy
  • Become a confident and authentic leader, whether you’re doing it from a desk or a stage
  • Manifest media for your message through my step-by-step guide to powerful publicity and social media

You can build a spiritually rooted business that feeds your soul and lets you live abundantly.

"This program, hands down, is the BEST thing I have ever done in my life."

There really are no words that can do it justice, but let me just say if you want to RISE — to level-up your business, your purpose and passion, your spirituality, and the relationships in your life, then do it! It will light you on fire and you will leave feeling like you have angel wings wrapped all around you! And maybe a pair of your own starting to grow.

"The Best Decision I've Ever Made"

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass was the best decision I have made in my career. The training gave me more confidence to proceed with my business. Since the course, I have gained more clients in my coaching business and grounded my online presence. I continue to get more ideas on how to serve whenever I flip through the meditations and other tools and techniques. The Spirit Junkie Masterclass has changed the course of my life and my business.

Kellie Sinnott

What Makes the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Different?

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass is no ordinary training. It’s a transformational deep-dive into how to share your empowering message and make a difference.

It’s a spiritual and soulful launchpad that helps you clarify your vision, create a road map for your business and position yourself to make a fabulous living doing the work you love.

You’ll finish with practical tools for taking your business to a whole new level … a tight-knit network of fellow lightworkers … and a deeper, stronger spiritual practice.

During the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital I’ll be sharing the practices, methods, meditations and techniques that I’ve been using for 10 years to help me create a business that has succeeded and served beyond my wildest dreams.

There are plenty of courses you can take and events you can attend that teach you how to build a business. But none of them take the time to really unpack what’s getting in your way of doing it. And if you don’t do the deep and authentic work of the soul first, none of the business-building tactics and strategies you learn will make a difference.

When you dive into the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital you’ll connect with the deepest part of yourself — the part that’s probably been hiding out for a while. And once you reconnect with that strong and powerful side of yourself, you’ll be able to move past fear and lean on love when you’re presented with any opportunity or challenge.

No matter how many doubts creep to the surface.

No matter how many times you try and fail.

And even when you question whether you can get paid for your great work.

But when you take spiritually aligned actions, you’ll be able to manifest a business and life you’re wildly in love with, day in and day out.

Your marketing efforts will pay off big-time.

Your ideal clients will start showing up with less effort.

You’ll make a bigger impact.

You’ll earn the kind of money that provides the freedom and lifestyle you crave.

And you’ll greatly serve the world.

"You’ll gain the confidence and inspiration to take you to that next step."

Spirit Junkie Masterclass completely shifted the way I choose to live in this world. I genuinely now find that being of service is joyful and it is my duty to share my message. You’ll gain the confidence and inspiration to take you to that next step, whatever it may be. And you’ll gain a tribe that will be there to support you. Gabby really gives you the inside scoop on how to best serve your clients and the world.

Sol Ballard
"Holy. Game. Changer."

That’s how I describe Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Gabby’s mystical combination of business savvy and spirituality was exactly what I needed to transform my ideas into a blossoming career. Before the Masterclass, I knew I was meant to be a lightworker and a spiritual teacher but I wasn’t exactly sure of the ‘whats’ or the ‘hows’. Gabby not only answered my questions and reaffirmed my purpose but also realigned the course of my life so all the pieces could come together. And they have … perfectly. If you’re wondering about your purpose as a light-worker, or you need the training to start or improve your business, Spirit Junkie Masterclass is the answer.

Tiffany Goik After 12: Fun, Fearless Sobriety

What You Can Expect

Spirit Junkie Masterclass is not just a training; it’s an experience. An experience that starts with doing deep personal work.

You’ll connect with yourself in a way that you’ve been longing for amidst the craziness of everyday life. You’ll learn how to listen to the wisdom of your inner guide over all the noise — the noise of your own doubts and fears as well as the chaos of the world around you. By learning how to make decisions with a miracle mindset, you’ll feel inspired, energized and confident!

And while the Spirit Junkie Masterclass is a deep training, it’s also A LOT of fun! The energy of the live event leaps right off your screen and transports you.


Let me break things down for you. When you take the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital, you can expect:

  • Step-by-Step Business Guidance

    I’ll teach you the practicalities of how to run a spiritual business, build your speaking platform, lead large groups, publicize your brand, publish books, turn your blog into a business and much more. Over the past 10 years I’ve learned so much and I won’t hold anything back.

  • Inspirational Stories and Advice From Leading Experts

    Each year I invite experts in personal growth and marketing to share their stories of how they built their businesses, stepped into their power as leaders and took their brands and their practices to the next level. But they don’t just share stories: They also share many of the specific, concrete strategies they used to build their businesses beyond even what they imagined. Masterclass alumni LOVE the extra insight these experts bring to the event!

  • A Community Like No Other

    One of the aspects that Spirit Junkies enjoy the most about this event is the positivity, love and support they feel when we’re all connecting. The moment you press play, you’ll know you’ve found your tribe. You’ll be part of a soulful online family in a private Facebook group, where you’ll build the kind of connections and friendships that will last a lifetime.

  • The Opportunity to Deepen Your Own Practice

    I believe the fastest path to business success starts with enriching your spiritual practice. Throughout the course you’ll learn techniques and methods that will help you tune in to your inner wisdom and really hear what’s calling you. This course is about more than just getting stellar business training — it’s also about creating the kind of spiritual experience that allows you to step into your highest purpose with a conviction you’ve never felt before.

  • A Training for All Levels

    The Spirit Junkie Masterclass attracts people from a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds.And that’s part of what makes it such a special course. The only requirement is your willingness to grow and serve. I’ll meet you wherever you are on your path of personal and professional growth, and we’ll hold the space so you can have the experience that will be the most meaningful for you. Wherever you are is exactly where you should be.

"A launchpad for your dreams and the catalyst of the life you deserve to live."

If there’s something you want to be or do, if there’s a whisper that has become a roar and you don’t know which action to take first, let your first step be the Spirit Junkie Masterclass! It will be the launchpad for your dreams and the catalyst of the life you deserve to live starting now.

Sharmin Wengender
"The lessons learned in the Masterclass are universal."

I found that regardless of the path you are on career wise, the lessons learned in the Masterclass are universal. I think most people look at the Masterclass as something that only those on a coaching path should attend. As a corporate executive, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend, I found that the lessons were equally applicable.

Jill Tarallo

The Masterclass Curriculum

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass helps you turn your ideas into a plan you can act on right away. Here’s what you can expect:

Module 1

How to Step Into Your Purpose
I open the course by sharing my personal story of recovering from addiction and transitioning from a nightlife PR entrepreneur to a leader in spirituality and personal growth. In my story, you’ll recognize your own and feel the strength, conviction and confidence you need to step into your highest purpose, no matter your background.

Module 2

Release Fear and Clear the Path
You know that fear keeps you playing small and hiding out in old patterns — and you know this fear no longer serves you. I’ll teach you how to finally bust through the blocks that keep you from living your highest purpose.

Module 3

Tap Into Your Greatest Source of Power
This is perhaps the most soulful module of the course. I’ll lead you to tap into your source of inspiration and confidence so you can fearlessly take the right, spiritually aligned actions in your career and in your life.

Module 4

Expand Your Repertoire
You’ll learn concrete tools to use in your life and your work that will help you attract the most ideal clients. You’ll learn how to lead guided meditations while protecting your own energy. I’ll teach you my transformational method for psychic protection, and my 4-step process called the Judgment Detox.

Module 5

How to Make Money for Your Great Work
In Module 5, we’ll dive deep into how to run a successful and abundant business. I’ll help you become unapologetic about your earning capacity and provide you with a concrete pathway to make money in your field. You’ll create a quantum shift around your finances and raise your self-worth so that you can raise your net worth!

Module 6

How to Manifest Media for Your Message
I spent five years running a successful PR business. That experience and passion helped me land major publicity in big outlets ranging from Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday to The Dr. Oz Show, and I’ll be sharing my secrets with you. When you have a powerful message to share, manifesting media becomes almost effortless. You’ll learn how to create a movement with your message, turn your blog into a business, and massively grow your online following.

Module 7

Be a Public Speaker and Author
I’ll share how I became a New York Times best-selling author and international speaker and give you step-by-step guidance on how to write and publish a book and share your story through public speaking. The tools I’ll share in this session can be applied to any writing or speaking platform.

Module 8

How to Turn Your Vision Into Your Reality
I’ll help you map out your next right moves. This is where you’ll learn how to kick your practice into high gear and get into action. When you finish this module, you’ll have a clear and powerful plan so you can get going right away.

"Absolutely Transformational"

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass was absolutely transformational across all areas of my life. I have spent many weekends of personal development with other leaders, but nothing really ever seemed to change long-term. The shifts I’ve made because of this material have finally moved out of my own way, left fear at the door, and started my business. If you are reading this, you are meant to do this. Go big. Go Gabby.

Emily Gallagher
"Life-changing training!"

Through the Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I learned many invaluable practical lessons that have propelled my business and message to the next level. The greatest gift I received was the genuine acceptance and ownership of my voice as a leader in my community. I found my voice through the Masterclass, and today I can authentically teach messages of love and miracles to my peers. I am forever grateful for Gabby and this life-changing training.

Tony Ortega

Meet Your Guest Teachers

Each year I invite the best of the best in their industries to share their wisdom and experience with you. These talks will make an impact on you and your business for years to come. Plus every year we update your training with new thought leaders and teachers. Here are our awesome expert trainers:

  • Screen-Shot-2016-03-15-at-4.43.35-PM
    Rha Goddess

    Rha Goddess is the entrepreneurial soul coach behind the next generation of changemakers, cultural visionaries and social entrepreneurs. As founder & CEO of Move The Crowd, she’s hot on a mission to help us reimagine “work” as a vehicle for creative expression, financial freedom and social change — and radically transform the culture of capitalism in the process. Rha will talk about what it means to be a lightworker at this time and share her top tips for spiritual leadership.

  • Screen-Shot-2016-03-15-at-4.44.41-PM
    Jordan Bach

    Jordan Bach is a world-renowned blogger, author and speaker. For years, he’s been an abundant professional blogger, inspiring readers worldwide. In a discussion with me, Jordan will share his secrets on how to find your authentic voice on social media & grow your tribe online. Learn how to transform your empowering content into a profit center through blogs and social media.

  • unnamed
    Richelle Fredson

    Richelle Fredson is the director of publicity and book marketing at Hay House Publishing. In a sit-down conversation, I will interview Richelle on What It Takes to Write, Publish and Promote a Book. Richelle is one of the best publicists I know, and she’s an expert marketer in the space of personal growth and spirituality. This interview will give you clear direction on how to publicize your work.

  • testimonial-Derek-Halpern
    Derek Halpern

    Derek Halpern helps people make sales. He’s the founder of the online education and software company Social Triggers. His breakthrough science-based approach to selling, customer acquisition, and persuasion has reached more than 5 million people around the world with customers in 69 countries. Derek will share his key tools for marketing your message online. In addition, he will teach you how to bring your great work to life through digital products that will broaden your reach, create abundance and spread your light to the masses.

  • testimonial-gala-darling
    Gala Darling

    Gala Darling is a world-renowned blogger, author, and speaker. For nearly a decade, Gala has been an abundant professional blogger, inspiring readers worldwide. Gala will share her secrets on How to Turn Your Blog into a Business while greatly serving the world. Learn how to transform your empowering content into a profit center.

"Spiritual Game Changer"

Gabby’s generous energy and business tools have given me the momentum and openings I needed to live my highest purpose. Since taking her Masterclass, I’ve launched my first book and have been featured in media outlets such as Huffington Post Live, FOX 5 News, Sirius Satellite Radio, Global News and many more. Whatever your calling might be, Gabby will wholeheartedly lift you up to your highest level of service.

Michele Kambolis

What Happens When You Take the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital

This course will transform how you see yourself, your work and your purpose in the world. You’ll stop wishing and start DOING the work you love … AND earn big for it. It’s happened for thousands of others, and it will happen for you too.

Join me for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital and you’ll…

  • Feel more confident, step into your power and embrace your role as a leader in your industry, wherever you are on your professional path
  • Broaden your reach, expand your influence in your field and attract the clients you love to work with
  • Feel confident and comfortable charging for your great work
  • Manifest the media attention you deserve by establishing key connections, pitching yourself powerfully and building a massive following of raving fans
  • Become part of an engaged, supportive and vibrant community of soul sisters and brothers who truly want you to succeed
  • Begin your eligibility to join my elite coaching referral network
"I don't recognize the person I was a year ago."

Within three months of Masterclass, I sold everything I owned and flew to Bali on a one-way ticket. Gabby gave me the confidence to understand that I’m a spiritual leader and I can run my coaching business full-time from my laptop anywhere in the world. I don’t recognize the person I was a year ago. I don’t recognize the person who was afraid to leave her job, who was afraid to own nothing. I don’t recognize the person who was afraid to run her own business like a total boss and create her life as an adventurous series of one-way plane tickets. Gabby’s teachings totally transformed that person into who I am today. My gratitude is so deep.

Gail Jessen
"I now live in clarity."

Gabby is truly gifted. Her magical techniques and insights are life-changing and her firsthand knowledge and wisdom can help anyone wanting to break toxic ties or gain clarity in their life. Gabby helped me release my deep-set past wounds, recognize my toxic patterns in relationships, and create a healthy, fulfilling life path. Her expertise, authenticity and the compassion she showed in SJM were able to heal me and open my heart again. She gave me the tools I needed to release old blocks and patterns. I now live in clarity, I come from a place of love and I trust my intuition more. SJM was imperative in transforming my work and applying these principles to the self-love coaching I do.

Marianne Vicelich

Why I Created Spirit Junkie Masterclass

Fifteen years ago I had a big dream. I felt called to be a teacher. To lead, to heal and to make a huge impact on the world. I knew I had an empowering message to share and I was ready to shout it from the rooftops — I just didn’t know how to turn my dreams into a reality. But my desire and willingness were enough to clear the path.

One day at a time I healed my fearful perceptions, deepened my spiritual practice, strengthened my faith and took small right actions toward my dreams.

Today I’m proud to say that all my dreams and more have come true (and keep coming true). I’m a New York Times bestselling author, I’ve spoken on stages all over the world, and I’ve been recognized as a thought leader and change maker by some of the people who have spent years inspiring me (like Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz and more).

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach and coach thousands of people through my books, digital programs and live events, to help them turn their big visions into reality.

But what’s most important is that I’m fulfilling my mission: to help you awaken to your highest purpose so you can confidently serve in your own unique way.

I created the Spirit Junkie Masterclass to remind you that your story matters. That people want to pay you for your beautiful work. And that your personal transformation has the power to make a massive imprint on the world.

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital guides you to step out into the world and start doing what you’ve been dreaming of, whether you’re starting a new venture from scratch or building on what you’ve already established.

You’ll receive priceless practical guidance along with the business and marketing tools you need to get to the next level. I’ll help you create a clear and powerful plan so you can take action right away and far into the future.

More importantly, you’ll gain the confidence to rise up and fulfill your purpose.

I feel a deep responsibility to support every element of your journey. It’s time to step into your power so that you can help others do the same. This is your time.


Named “a new thought leader” by Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday

Here’s what more Spirit Junkie Masterclass alumni have said:

"Since Spirit Junkie Masterclass I’ve launched a best-selling novel!"

Since Spirit Junkie Masterclass I’ve launched a best-selling novel, hosted a transformational retreat in Sedona, AZ, and have been selected to be a speaker on the panel at the Hay House World Summit! The community and support from what was created at SJM has absolutely helped me in creating and doing all of it.

Suzanne Adams
"The dream of my business has become my reality."

When I started the Spirit Junkie Masterclass I didn’t have a business. I had a dream of a business, but it seemed impossible. I had no ideas. No confidence. And I wasn’t taking any action. By the time I finished, I had a notebook full of ideas and an amazing network of supporters. Now, over a year later, the dream of my business has become my reality. I have clients, my network has grown, I’ve taught workshops, and I’ve guest blogged for many people. Most importantly, I’ve learned to share my story and show up for my clients, myself and the world.

Stephanie Kirylych
"The Best Money I've Ever Spent"

I am not kidding you when I say that the Masterclass could very well be the best money I have ever spent. Gabby’s insights, energy and mere presence truly rocked my world and set my life on a new trajectory. There is no way you will be disappointed. TAKE THIS COURSE!

Kelly Wilkes Owner, Ojas Wellness Center

When you register for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital before June 26, you get $3500 in bonuses and you can take advantage of our payment plans.

Here’s a breakdown of your bonuses:

2 live training calls with me. The first will help you clarify your visions and move past your blocks. The second will get you into action! These live calls are valued at $500.

The Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program. I created this program with my team of business pros. It will give you everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance info and much more. This program is valued at $3,000.

These bonuses are valued at $3,500 and only available through June 26th.

"I'm living my purpose, and I couldn't be happier."

Prior to Spirit Junkie Masterclass, I felt lost. I owned a successful social media marketing business and led a financially comfortable life, yet my heart wasn’t happy. I was walking around with an overwhelming feeling of emptiness. My career wasn’t fulfilling, and my purpose was burning deep within the depths of my soul. I was SO scared to switch careers. I feared judgment from others. And I lacked the courage to let go of the things that no longer felt good. After SJM, things began to shift … FAST. I successfully switched careers, I began using the courage I gained to step unapologetically into my power, and I started LIVING. I’m now a successful coach. I help women radically boost self-love so they can create lives that make them ridiculously happy. I’m living my purpose, and I couldn’t be happier.

Ruby Fremon

Have Questions? We Have Answers.

Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital FAQs

What’s the schedule for the course? Can I take it at my own pace?

The Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is an 8-week training where each week will builds upon the last.  The content will be delivered over the 8-week period and you’ll receive weekly encouragement emails and group connection on the Facebook page. Once the full course is delivered you’ll have access to the full training forever. Plus we update the training every year with new content and bonuses!

If I’m not a coach, is this course still for me?

Yes! All types of people have gone through this training. Alumni include PR pros who want to bring spiritual principles into the media, therapists who want to add a more spiritual approach to their practice, and bankers who want to bring mindful principles into their career. This training is for anyone who wants to bring forth more light into the world.

Will I be certified?

You will graduate from the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 training. You will be able to promote that you are a graduate of the course and we will provide you with a badge that you can add to your website.

How do I become eligible to join the Spirit Junkie coaching referral network?

By participating in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass you have the opportunity to apply to become part of my international coaching referral network.  When you receive your Level 1 certification you become eligible to attend the Level 2 course where you can apply to become a Gabrielle Bernstein coach.

What can I expect from the training?

This is a one-of-a-kind training, unique in style and lessons. Throughout the course, Gabby will share her most intimate stories of how she became a leader in the field of personal growth. Through the stories, lessons and exercises, she will guide you to step into your power, release uncertainty and own your mission. Gabby will also share concrete, practical and actionable tools for running a spiritual business, marketing your message and leading with authentic power.

Is there a payment plan?

At the time of your order, you will see all available payment plans listed on the order form.

How many times a year do you host this training?

The Level 1 digital training is offered only once a year. Once you have completed the Level 1 training, you are eligible to enroll in the the Level 2 course. Details about the level 2 training will be emailed to you.

I have more questions!

No problem. If you have any additional questions, just submit them here!

Registration is now closed. To get on the wait list for future updates on enrollment submit your name and email below.

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And Now, for a Recap

When you take Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital you’ll get:

  • 8 modules’ worth of training (that’s almost 17 hours of material) with me and my handpicked experts in the fields of spirituality and personal growth
  • In-depth training that will take you from idea to fully formed business so you can start making the kind of impact and money that will change your life
  • My best tools for publicity and getting seen, heard and talked about by industry leaders, influencers and the customers and clients you love
  • Spiritual business tools that will help you turn your great work into an abundant business
  • A community of like-minded people who are there to support and encourage you every step of the way, not just during the Masterclass but in years to come
  • Meditations and spiritual exercises that will help you step into your power no matter what’s happening around you (truthfully, it’s these practices more than any others that have allowed me to build a life and business of my dreams)
  • New content and experts added to your course every year!
  • Eligibility to join my exclusive network of coaches (you must also complete Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2 training)

When you register for Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital before June 26, you get $3500 in bonuses and you can take advantage of our payment plans.

Here’s a breakdown of your bonuses:

2 live training calls with me. The first will help you clarify your visions and move past your blocks. The second will get you into action! These live calls are valued at $500.

The Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program. I created this program with my team of business pros. It will give you everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance info and much more. This program is valued at $3,000.

Registration is now closed. To get on the wait list for future updates on enrollment submit your name and email below.

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"I paid off all of my debt and left my full-time job, and now I’m teaching yoga and nutrition full-time."

It’s been a really beautiful shift to see how my life has transformed since Spirit Junkie Masterclass. I paid off all of my debt and left my full-time job, and now I’m teaching yoga and nutrition full-time in treatment centers. It has been the biggest joy in my life and I have so much gratitude for the work that I get to do every day. Thank you, Gabby, from the bottom of my heart!

Melanie Haraldson
"It was like a light bulb went off."

Gabby said something at the beginning of the Masterclass about taking little right actions every day. Before that I was running around in circles, doing busy work but not taking action in the directions of my dreams. During the course we did a lot of deep work and I was able to identify some beliefs I had that were hindering me from moving forward. Within 2 months of Masterclass, I launched my first coaching program, made huge strides in my business, and have been committed to my meditation practice with ease. It was like a light bulb went off and I realized little right actions lead to BIG results!

Connie Dasilva
"I am eternally grateful."

It’s been a year and a half since Spirit Junkie Masterclass. My book will be complete this month, my annual Bliss Project events are selling out, and my online e-course program is thriving with almost 5,000 enrolled. Masterclass was pivotal in my life, relationships and business. I can honestly say that without it, I’m not sure I would be able to handle all the ups and downs and bumps that can come with really exposing yourself, taking leaps of faith, and building your team and dream. But now I’m able to let go and move through with ease and remember that my message is not mine. It’s just so much bigger than us and MUST get out in order to help others. I am eternally grateful. This course reminds you that you are a lightworker. It’s just a choice to have faith and step into the light and you will be given all you need. Be open, say yes and take the leap. I can’t imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t!

Lori Harder

I'm ready!

Registration is now closed. To get on the wait list for future updates on enrollment submit your name and email below.

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We offer a full no-questions-asked refund policy through July 10, 2016. Simply send us a request to  Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact us at before proceeding with your order.